Download [pdf] EN - The contract with the resident(s) - sabl (2021)
[pdf] FR - Le contrat avec la-e-s résident-e-x-s - sabl (2021)

The sabl is a "www" art space - an online curatorial project that offers an art residency program. It was founded in 2020, when the Covid 19 pandemic was radically changing access to culture. The art space is the website which broadcasts a 24/7 livestream of surveillance cameras.
Le sabl is managed by an independent collective of curators based in Switzerland. Since February 2023, the sabl has become mobile and its technical device fits into a suitcase to insert itself in different places and dialogue with their contexts, their own constraints and specificities, while opening spaces to allow creative freedom.
Its curatorial will is to develop reflections in situ while continuing to explore the field of art and its possibilities through its device. The panoptic aesthetic of the livestream of sabl explicitly asks questions about the relationship of our societies to surveillance; taking place in a hybrid way by occupying the digital space, this reflection is extended to the "new panoptic" that constitutes our relationship to technological devices and the data they collect.

The smoke screen.
The grain of the ever-changing CCTV.
Residents participate in this common timeline.
Visitors have access to the monitoring room.