1. Nacoca Ko
    Rapid Skye Movement

    01th of October 2021 -> 29th of October 2021

    OCTOBER 1   - Nest Building 10:00
    OCTOBER 13 - Incubation 11:00 
    OCTOBER 19 - Robots Live (With Jo Vargas) 16:00 
    OCTOBER 28 - Nest Abandonment 12:00 

    timezone CET

    Through the month of October, Nacoca Ko will create a liminal nest, spawning a space where multiple lines of realities converge: the physical space-time room, with its contained objects and humans, robots and sensors; the digital plane of video art interfacing between the virtual and the real; dreams and memories- (past and future space-times manifesting); the surreal adaptations of machine-learning programs; the distorted perspective of the livecams; and you, in your own complex reality.

    The immortal Phoenix has its own nest of fire and ash, circling upon itself. But it gets lonely and wants to love something other than itself. 

    Dividing into two, they find an old red vase in someone’s backyard, a human nest, and she lays her eggs there. A nest within a nest. 

    She sits alone in the dark for hours waiting. Her phone glows as she scrolls. If predators come near, she beats her wings against the echoing tin vase, amplifying the protective sounds of her love. 

    Sometimes he is the guardian and she flies. They take turns hunting insects and larvae, a relay race of protection and nourishment. Survival is precarious and nearly impossible but full of hope and surrender, disruption, redemption.

    The Nest is cosmogonic, where a world can be built from nothing, where thought, identity, and dreams are incubated. It begins in a place before time, before birth, and it is woven from creatures and objects already in existence. It hatches agency, hazard, will, chaos. It manifests compassion, rhythm, and evolution. Generous gifts toward the unknown.

    You are looking at me in my 4 blank walls, but I can only see your 4 black eyes.  There are no real blank walls, only environments for nesting. You survey me but you cannot see what I really am. You have recognised my face, saved my preferences, updated my password. But I have hacked your cameras with interpreted and distorted narratives. You can only see a single frame of me- if you are lucky, maybe a sequence. Maybe you have 4 reference points, but it’s not enough. My personal data is an infinite universe. 

    The work was informed by entangling with birds that chose to nest in my home, as well as a livecam of buzzards high in the mountains, creating a nest from sticks and plastic bags, feeding city pigeons to their young.

    Items are brought from my studio and outside the Sabl space to create a nest for artistic research. Videos accumulated from my observations and re(de)construction of the world meet new AI-formed birdlike creatures. The original birds in the dataset are from Haeckel’s drawings who positioned them in unnatural ways, reinterpreting their beauty and potential. 
    With Alan Ixba, GANs morph the birds and try to clone their calls. With Jo Vargas, autonomous robotic nest eggs hatch a world-song in a tempo and sonority of their own.

    in collaboration with : Alan Ixba Jo Vargas Antoine Félix Bürcher

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